About the author

Renée Kdir is the Founder of Riad Dar Haven, a Guest House & Spa on Morocco's Atlantic Coast. As A Red Tent facilitator, she hosts retreats for women seeking to heal and empower themselves through a spiritual approach. She offers 1 to 1 soul awakening sessions online or in person as well as group workshops. She lives in Agadir, Morocco with her husband and 2 young children.
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Red Tent

An occasion to truly connect with other women in sacred space.

A practice that cultivates being your own observer, allowing you to step out of the drama, seeking a higher and deeper perspective so you can begin collecting your pearls of wisdom.

Welcome to join us –

Drop into your heart, ground and connect through meditation, oracle, tea and sharing circle.

Image from Alana Fairchild’s Mother Mary Oracle
Artist: Shiloh Sophia McCloud

RED TENT 2021 Monthly Women’s Gathering

Held 17:00-19:30 on the Sunday closest to dark moon at Riad Dar Haven

Sunday 11 April – Sunday 9 May

Sunday 13 June – Sunday 11 July

Sunday 8 August – Sunday 5 September

Sunday 3 October – Sunday 7 November

Sunday 5 December – Sunday 2 Jan 2022

I invite you to like or follow our Facebook page @redtentmorocco to hear about upcoming live in-person and online events