About the author

Renée Kdir is the Founder of Riad Dar Haven, a Guest House & Spa on Morocco's Atlantic Coast. As A Red Tent facilitator, she hosts retreats for women seeking to heal and empower themselves through a spiritual approach. She offers 1 to 1 soul awakening sessions online or in person as well as group workshops. She lives in Agadir, Morocco with her husband and 2 young children.
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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Sessions, Workshops & Retreats

Saraswati Healing™ is a professionally recognised modality channelled by world renowned Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Author,  Alana Fairchild.

It is a unique form of energy work and spiritual healing integrating Light Work and High Magic to focus on
healing the soul, whilst promoting well being on physical, emotional and psychological levels.

Named in honour of the Goddess Saraswati – She represents mastery of the voice, language, healing, art and music.

We create a healing energetic field and work with the power of the voice to liberate and empower your soul on multiple levels.
We are supported and guided by many high frequency beings including Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddesses.

What I personally love about this modality is the way it gently dissolves layers of ego or any thing else that may be preventing you
from tuning into your heart and hearing your soul speak clearly.

Renee Kdir – Saraswati Healing™ Licensed Practitioner
(formerly Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring)
Join us for the next Crystal Goddesses 888 Workshop!

This full day event will be held at Riad Dar Haven on April 2021

10.30am-4.30pm includes 1 hour break for lunch.

Join us for the next Crystal Masters 333 Workshop!

This is a full day event held at Riad Dar Haven on May 2021

10.30am-4.30pm includes 1 hour break for lunch.